Thursday, July 9, 2020

3-D Shibori Indigo Pieces for "Tiny But Mighty" exhibit

Pink Volcano Landscape
Wild Jungle Leaves
Lush Bananas

I've continued with the three-dimensional shibori and indigo dyed work.

This time I did 8" x 8" square pieces (the maximum size required for the entries to the "Tiny But Mighty" exhibit at the d'Art Center in Norfolk VA).  This is their 2nd National Exhibition of Small Artworks.

The "Pink Volcano Landscape" piece is a collage of cotton and knit fabric shibori.  The kumo "mountains" and ori-nui wiggles are two of the most 3-D shibori which I love doing.

"Wild Jungle Leaves" is shaped shibori (maki-age) which I love to do in leaf shapes.  The cotton was dyed as low immersion in yellows and oranges so that overdyeing in indigo created an odd green.

"Lush Bananas" is a whole cloth piece in exaggerated ori-nui.  The embroidery uses the holes created during the first shibori stitching.

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