Friday, August 28, 2015

Indigo/Shibori and SD/Embroidery Workshops

Well, the indigo and shibori workshop ended up being at my studio (garage and driveway) as well as the SD/embroidery one since there weren't enough students for the Red Spirit.  Fortunately the weather was glorious and students came up with, of course, the most wonderful fabric.  They studied the basic stitches by doing a page of each type for their notebooks and then used those stitches to embellish fabric as well as clothes.  I encouraged them to bring colored fabric, too, which gave great results.  A couple of women had to leave before I did the slide show on my laptop of the 2005 World Shibori Symposium in Tokyo and all the associated gallery exhibits around the city, as well as my trip to Arimatsu which is considered the shibori capitol of Japan.  The SD/embroidery weekend turned out to be mostly stitching for more indigo dyeing which ended up to be fun and colorful, even though that weekend's temps were in the low 90s.

My personal experiments were doing ori-nui on ribbing from sweatshirts--- I have a doll series of Pisces Women in mind for these.