Monday, November 3, 2014

Barefoot Sisters and Kimono Obi Dolls

Barefoot Sister with
Turquoise Fish

Barefoot Sister
with Silver Gold Fish

Barefoot Sister with
Two Fish

Along with the Standing Angels for the upcoming holiday shows, I made a group of Barefoot Sisters holding a variety of items in their hands.  The ones with the fish harken back to a commissioned piece I did for an English prof out in Utah who prints and paints fabric and then uses it in her quilts in her spare time.

Grove Gallery in East Lansing, LowellArts! in downtown Lowell, and the Woodland Weavers & Spinners' Textile Artists Market will have these pieces.  Check my website at for specifics.  Hope your holiday gift making with fabric is fun!

Kimono Obi Barefoot
Sister with Pink
Kimono Obi Barefoot
Sister in Black,
White and Red