Thursday, September 3, 2020

Profusion: newest 3-D shibori indigo piece

Profusion is my latest piece in three-dimensional shibori stitched and indigo dyed work.  It's 10" x 10" x 3" deep; cotton, Procion MX dyes, textile paint, indigo and shibori.  Also, because the pre-stretched canvas frame has almost a 2" deep side, I added flattened fabric to the edges to give a wrap-around effect.

I wanted to do more than just have blue on white fabric and decided to dye paint large areas of bright colors.  Relearning to mix Procion MX dyes was good experimentation because I discovered that my red and pink dyes had died.  So, I brought out my ProFab textile paints and did a thin wash over those faded areas.  Knowing that indigo does attach to textile paint (can't be too plastic-y though), I was glad of the results.

Unfortunately in this new Blogger, I can't get the caption to appear no matter how I follow the instructions in the Help section.  

I find it amazing in this new virtual exhibit reality we have right now that we can have one piece in multiple shows and never physically send it anywhere!

Here's what it looks like when it's all scrunched up after pulling and tying off the stitches.

The second photo shows an entire dishpan filled with indigo dyed fabric.  There are all different colors of blue because indigo overdyes beautifully and creates lovely and unusual colors.  My favorite is indigo on orange/yellow!