Sunday, April 20, 2014

Artists Alliance at St. Cecilia's Terryberry Gallery

In the Wildwood: Winter

In the Wildwood:

In the Wildwood: Spring- detail 
Woman Enveloped
with Ferns
 Ever since my last post in January, I have been working diligently to get a number of large pieces accomplished which have stretched and developed my work, particularly the "In the Wildwood" series.  The "Winter" piece incorporates red twig dogwood, pruned from my bush outside my studio door.  The "Spring" piece, which like the Winter piece, uses a lot of deconstructed screen printed fabric and embroidery, I made first in the midst of the worst of this winter's horribly brutal weather.  Then I began on the Winter piece.  The "Woman Enveloped in Ferns" is covered with fly-stitched embroidery (a derivation, I think, of the blanket stitch) ferns that even envelope her face.  The Wildwood pieces were first exhibited at the "Celebration of the Arts" sponsored annually by the First United Methodist Church in downtown Grand Rapids, MI, during February.
Woman Enveloped with Ferns - detail.

Currently those pieces, along with three more new ones and some production pieces are on exhibit at the St. Cecilia Music Center's Terryberry Gallery with the Artists Alliance, a group of currently 12 members.  I don't have images of all the walls but it's a great show with dynamic work on exhibit through April 28.

Work by Deborah Lass (watercolors on left wall),
Jennifer Gould's dolls, Carol Brauer Schmidt's collage
and pastels, and Carol Cousineau's pastels.

Lynn Anderson's watercolor florals, Brenda Mattson (right
two pieces), and Jennifer Gould's Button Jester dolls.

Betts Casey's abstracts and Jennifer Gould's
textile figure.

Betts Casey's black and white abstracts were some of my favorites in the show.  If I'd know she was going to do these pieces, I would have made more figures in black and white and red!

Betts Casey's abstract.

Betts Casey abstracts.
Carol Cousineau's pastels and
Jennifer Gould's textile figure.