Friday, February 19, 2016

FAN Members Exhibit

"Woman in Striped Halo"
The first FAN Members Exhibit of the Fiber Arts Network of Michigan will take place at Central Michigan University's Park Library, Baber Room Gallery, from March 2 - May 1, 2016.  The reception will be Sat., April 23 from 3-5pm.

"Woman in Striped Halo"
I have "Woman in Striped Halo" and my set of 5 "Wild Face" postcards.  Please see my blog entry for Jan/Feb. 2015 to see all five.

I'm looking forward to the reception and seeing all the members' work.  FAN also biennially puts on "New Fibers" which is cutting edge work.  This is the first time to see the membership's work, even if it isn't cutting edge work.

Indigo Postcards at the Postcard Salon

"Indigo Waters #1"
Postcard #1
The annual winter Postcard Salon at the Muskegon Museum of Art is an event that I make sure I not only attend but send my five 4"x 6" postcards to them for display on the wall.  It's usually very well attended (people are having cabin fever probably) even in bad weather and the reception food is fabulous.

"Indigo Waters #2"
Postcard #2
Look back at my 2015 "Wild Faces" for a comparison.  Previous to that, my first year 2013, my first postcards were collages of leaf prints and monoprinted leaves. (I didn't send in anything for 2014 as it took me 2 years to do the Wild Faces.)

"Dots Moving Under Indigo Water"
Postcard #3
This time, because I am working on pieces for the 2016 MLH Biennial Fiber Show at the Dennos Museum in Traverse City (MI) and the  MLH summer workshops at which I am teaching an indigo/shibori workshop (see info at, I decided to do these small shibori-stitched and indigo-dyed work.

Numbers 1 and 2 are mokume stitched fabric which are lines of running stitches that are pulled into very tight gathers.  Number 1 is on white fabric, indigo dyed and then free-form machine stitched with variegated rayon thread.  Number 2 is the same as above but on a coral colored cotton lycra (the same fabric as on the right side of #3 and #4 postcards).

"Undulating Under Indigo Water"
Postcard #4
Numbers 3 and 4 are collaged fabrics as described above, except the middle piece on #3 and the left and middle of #4 are stitched in ori-nui (folded, then stitched and gathered) that results in what I call a molar/teeth print.

Number 5 is a collage of a maki-age or creating a shape from a running stitch in which I stitched a leaf shape.
"Leaf Floating on Indigo Water"
Postcard #5

Thank you so much to the two people who purchased #1 and #4 postcards last night!  I know who purchased #4 as she is a weaving friend of mine, but I didn't get to see who bought #1.  If it's you, please let me know and I'll put you in my inventory book!