Friday, March 20, 2015

Fabric Collages: Water Series

Water Series: 3
I love this piece, in fact, the entire four pieces so far in the Water Series of fabric collages I've done this winter.  I hope at some point it gets into an exhibit!  I've loved working with asymmetrical pieces and seeing so many different fabrics merge together.  I had originally been inspired by all the striped fabric I make (LUV dots and stripes).  The first one came together so easily; even the stitching was fast and decisive.  Well, with each successive one it has been, of course, more difficult.  The water element of each may be elusive or questionable to viewers but I see water in all its many forms.  Number 4 is in the LowerllArts show as I write (previous post), so onward to #5 and more.  (I'm also working on some small dolls for Synchronicity--- 3-D and 2-D all at the same time!)

This section is mostly flour resist painted poly
organza and roller printed begaline (sp?-- a very warp-faced
thickish taffeta).

Detail of Water Series: 3
Deconstructed Screen Printed knits, discharged
black silk velvet, discharged corduroy and cotton, roller
printed cottons.

Water Series Fabric Collage at LowellArts!

Water Series: 4

Detail of Water Series: 4
I worked hard in February producing two fabric collage pieces to continue my goal to work and develop my textiles in a 2-D composition.  Water Series: 1 and 2 were accepted into the Celebration of the Arts (Feb. 6-18 and a previous post).  Water Series: 3 was not accepted at the LowellArts! West Michigan Regional Art Competition, unfortunately (maybe if it had been smaller), but Water Series: 4 is in the show and I got to see it hung last night at the reception.  (Also great news that they'll be moving to a new building on Main Street which will give them lots more room for exhibits and PARKING.)

I worked with a lot discharged cotton, rayon (top black piece), dyed cheese cloth, knits, as well as hand printed fabrics.

I had a great deal of difficulty trying to machine stitch the piece because the opening section of my sewing machine is not as large as I need (and newer models seem to have even smaller openings).  For the first in the series, I backed it with white craft felt; the second one I used Peltex (or TimTex) and the much firmer PelTex/TimTex has a great firmness but it doesn't fold easily to be able to stitch the left side of the piece.  So by the time I got to Water Series: 4, I was back to using craft felt to back the stitching.   

Detail of Water Series: 4

I also backed the other small ones with black foam core (sewed on one side of Velcro to the back of the piece and glued the opposite Velcro side to foam core).  This was great for the smaller somewhat square/rectangular pieces but for #4, which is very long, I didn't think this would work, so I put a foam core piece up at the top under the black section which I put the sleeve and dowel.  I was gratified to see that it hung well and flat to the wall for the exhibition.

Detail of Water Series: 4

TextileArt Book of Jennifer's Pisces Women

I was thrilled when asked to submit images to be included in the latest book on textile art published by in the Netherlands.  This one, TextileArt Around the World, has one page of images for each 160 artists in the book--- wow!  What an incredible array of textiles in so many different visions of what textiles are today.  

My page included all Pisces Women.  Although I had sent an immense variety of images of pieces I've done, they took the many of my most recent Pisces Women.  For  more information and points of sale:  and on Facebook:  Textile-link

Do consider registering for their newsletter as it is filled with great possibilities for textile artists and their other books.