Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boisali Biswas' Perpetual Garden in Winter

You may remember Boisali's Perpetual Garden that I posted in October, 2010.  She recently sent me images of her Perpetual Garden in Winter.  Quite an inspiration to gardeners, but especially to those of us living in the North where snow and cold still rein supreme.  I know Spring is coming because the birds are twittering as though they're choosing mates.

Check out Boisali's gorgeous textile pieces on:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mother and Child III

I've just finished this piece for which I am very proud.  She's the third in the series of a woman holding a baby who's in a cockle shell.  This one was done for the "Celebration" show, an annual juried show at the First United Methodist Church in downtown Grand Rapids. (The dress was white cotton knit shibori dyed in brown/black.)  I won SECOND PRIZE (tied with Ron Head for his bronze sculpture of "Mercy", a pieta)--very gratifying.

My life has been in a little upheaval lately (a friend of mine died and I adopted her two cats--trying to get them to acclimate to my house and my cat Sweetie Pie with all the hissing, growling, screaming; and my car/van is out of commission and needs a rebuilt transmission...) so this textile figure really gave me a lot of peace and a feeling of accomplishment, as well as gratitude for all the things I have.  
Mother and Child III

Pisces Woman 17

Way back last year on June 1, my very first posting to this blog was an image of my Pisces Woman 17 that I had just finished for a show with the Artists Alliance show at Twisted Fish in Elk Rapids (Michigan).  Well, she's in the news again and I am really proud that she will be in the "Figuratively Fiber" show at the Textile Center, Minneapolis, from March 11-April 16 and also made got on the cover of their Winter/Spring catalog newsletter.