Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Indigo Dyeing Day for Newbies

The results of all their work was fabulous!
One of the resists to create pattern.
Some new to resist dyeing
had a good time trying
to wrap rubber bands
around their T-shirts.
Sue Vegter (right) explaining process
to Jeanne Emery and new friend (left) from
the Bartlett/Van Wyk family.

Indigo dyeing day was Sat., May 3, this year (2014) and to my surprise, my former college roommate Pat Van Wyk Bartlett brought a lot of family from their reunion that weekend in Holland.  Everyone in that group was completely new to the technique and came with washed cotton T-shirts.

Yarn dyed in pokeberries.

Along with new people were some who were new to natural dyeing using onions skins (yellow to green) and pokeberries (hot pink) and overdyeing with indigo.
Dyed in just onion skins?
Yarn dyed in pokeberries and then overdyed

Indigo Dyeing Show 'n Tell: Lou Wolf Vallance

The annual indigo dyeing day at my house this year was May 3.  Along with the blank fabric that everyone brought stitched or ready to be rubber banded was the quilt top that my friend Lou Wolf Vallance brought to show everyone what she had done in years past and how she had assembled the pieces.  It was a huge piece with glorious sections that she had spent an immense amount of time stitching before the dyeing days.  Feast your eyes!