Friday, January 11, 2019


Five Leaf Postcards (each 4" x 6")
Again, I'm doing the Muskegon Museum of Art's POSTCARD SALON.  I love working small and the 4" x 6" size they require is just right for me.

The first long image of five 3-D leaf postcards was my entry for the 2018 salon and now is at the LowellArts Member Show (through Feb. 9).  Check out their fabulous gallery here.  Once I have the unsold postcards back from the show (each can sell at the MMA for $30 with a 50/50 split), I mount them on 5" x 7" pre-stretched canvas frames.

For the 2019 POSTCARD SALON, I went back to using shibori stitched and indigo dyed fabric with a theme of Indigo Sunsets.  I really love the ones that I put together:

Postcard 1:  Orange Indigo Sunset
All the fabric have been dyed in indigo as the last step.

Postcard 1: Top part is mokume shibori on my handdyed textured cotton; bottom is the same but on black dotted white cotton.
Postcard 2:  Indigo Sunset on Pink Water

Postcard 2:  Mokume shibori on white cotton on the top and bottom; white rayon previously dyed with some pink then mokume stitched.

Postcard 3: Indigo Storm Sunset

Postcard 3:  Top is mokume stitched stretch cotton (with Spandex) that was coral colored (warp is yellow and weft is pink)--- fabulous fabric to work with and the Thiox in the pre-reduced indigo often gives a halo effect; also the indigo can be transparent enough to make the blue and the base yellow become green on the final fabric.  The bottom fabric is a tan/rust cotton knit that was stamped/printed with textile paint and then arashi shibori striped.  The top mokume section reminds me so much for that strange sky when a bad storm is coming.
Postcard 4:  Orange Sunset with
Indigo Clouds

Postcard 4:  Top is a purchased cotton gauze that came with lots of orange and yellow random dyed areas.  The bottom is a damask cotton napkin.  This piece was the only one that I machine stitched crosswise and the effect to me is not as good as the vertical stitching, maybe....

Postcard 5: Pink Sun in an Indigo Sky

Postcard 5:  The bottom was my Mom’s old cotton sheet (fold over section at top) that was first dyed pink from deconstructed screen printing and then accordion folded for indigo dyeing; top section is white and very fine turquoise cotton knit printed pink with textile paint with round sponge stamps, then kumo bound on the circles and indigo dyed.

I did all of these within only 3 days--- a really short time but fortunately I not only knew what I wanted to do but I had all the stitched and dyed fabric on hand!

The next pile of shibori stitched fabric ready
to dye in indigo!