Friday, June 12, 2020

3-D Shibori Stitched Indigo Dyed Pieces

Oceans Deep 1, 33"t x 23"w
Wow, it has been such a long time since I last posted!  But I have been very busy, especially working on and finishing these two 3-D shibori stitched and indigo dyed pieces:  Oceans Deep 1 and 2.

Detail, Oceans Deep 1
Initially they started out as one very large piece that was 3'w x 5't--- too much for my arms and hands to handle.  I took it apart to embroider the shapes and really make them stand up and be three-dimensional.  I used the holes already made by the shibori stitching and my purple hand dyed embroidery floss.

I realized that they didn't fit together any longer after the stitching (of course it shrank). In the end I think it looks much better as two pieces.

Oceans Deep 2 is actually a deep green (a melon yellow overdyed with indigo creates an interesting green). Oceans Deep 1 is an odd blue gray on a slightly orangey yellow cotton with beading and purple synthetic sheer painted with blue and used as additional "ribs" on the huge kumo circles.

I've entered these two pieces into the Surface Design Association (SDA)'s "Exhibition in Print" so I'm hoping to see them in this Fall's 2020 Journal.

I'm looking forward to working on more pieces as the 3-D aspect is so much fun to plan and execute.

Oceans Deep 2, 76"t x 23"w
Detail - Oceans Deep 2

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