Wednesday, February 26, 2020

New Collaged Embroideries: January 2020

Chinese Shoes, 7.25" x 10"
by Jennifer Gould

I am really pleased with my work in January.  I had foot surgery (hammer toe) on Jan. 7 and forced inactivity gave me almost a month to sit and work on a series of pieces.  My first is the "Chinese Shoes" which I did on a day when my fiber arts group in Grand Rapids was meeting.  I couldn't be there as I wasn't able to go out yet.  I was watching YouTube videos on my laptop of Chinese costume designer, Guo Pei, and so inspired by her fantastically gorgeous and outrageous costumes.
The Wizard's Tower,
5" x 16"
by Jennifer Gould

I've been working on pieces that are not rectangular or square, but with edges or shape that are either asymmetrical or uneven.
Alien Monoliths, 8.25" x 15" by Jennifer Gould

"The Wizard's Tower" followed, then "Alien Monoliths."  I love the cave-like shape of this latter piece and the floating monoliths.  I made a lot of monoprinted fabric last year and I've begun to use them in my pieces (background of "Alien Monoliths").  This piece includes freeform machine sewing on the background, handstitching on the textile printed and arashi shibori and indigo dyed cotton knit and shibori/indigo dyed brown linen; the cotton embroidery floss is handdyed.

Donut Holes Tumbling through Green Air,
6.5” x 27” (and detail)
I had begun "Donuts Tumbling through Green Air" years ago and now had time to finish embroidering the remaining rayon printed fabric.  A fun piece which includes commercial rayon fabric, and handdyed silk noil.
Silk Pagoda, 6" x 22"
by Jennifer Gould

"Silk Pagoda" included a small portion on the bottom of printed silk from the bolt end of kimono fabric.  The first kanji (Chinese characters) reads "silk."
Alien Landscapes 2, 26" x 12"

"Alien Landscapes 2" uses two pieces of monoprinted acetate, freeform machine embroidery, hand stitching, and 3-D round pieces of embroidered fabric wrapped foam core.

I'm looking forward to working on more such pieces but especially printing and painting more fabric this winter!

Detail, Alien Landscape,
by Jennifer Gould

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