Thursday, July 9, 2020

New Dolls for ArtCats Gallery

Oriental Poppy Woman
Sunflower Woman

A customer at ArtCats Gallery in Muskegon MI requested a commission for two Square Headed Women dolls in the flower themes of Oriental Poppy and a second one of Sunflower.  It was a great challenge that I loved.

I used some fabric from my most recent 3-D shibori stitched and indigo dyed fabric to make the dress fabric for the two dolls.  The dress for the Poppy is mokume which reminded me of the leaves of the Oriental Poppy.

Sunflowers have big oval pointed leaves.  The dress for the Sunflower Woman is exaggerated whole cloth ori-nui pressed flat unlike the Poppy Woman.

The petals of the poppy are red silk organza around black flocked netting.  The sunflower is constructed of many yellow cotton petals, ruched yellow-orange crinkled cotton and a discharged green knit fabric. Both dolls' flowers have stems of my printed knit tube.  And both have green UltraSuede faces!

Oriental Poppy leaf

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