Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Contemporary Embroidery: From Surface Design to the Stitched Mark

Handprinted on
synthetic iridescent knit,
and embroidered; inset
onto doll front by
Jennifer Gould 2015
I'm looking forward to doing this workshop at the KIA.  There are already six students.  Glad to hear from anyone who has questions.  It will be a lot of fun, a lot of playing (no adult thoughts allowed) and experimentation!

March 24-25, 2018 Workshop
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts (KIA)
314 S. Park St.
Kalamazoo MI 49007

For those with an adventuresome spirit but looking to work in a contemplative textile method, students will use textile paints to print and paint fabric with images of their own design during the first morning.  This work will create pattern, areas of color, or designs that inspire students to put stitching onto the fabric —anything goes!  During the afternoon and next day, “the stitched mark” or one’s own personal hand stitch vocabulary, will be discussed and used on fabric to create rhythm, movement, and visual and physical texture.  This workshop will strive to have students look at stitching on fabric, not as decorative, but as an expression of themselves—pulling something new and different from inside and onto the cloth.  Jennifer will have many samples of her own embroidered pieces, images of contemporary embroiderers’ work from around the world, and books on hand.  Check the KIA for registration info.
Discharge cotton Kona fabric, hand stitched by
Jennifer Gould 2014
Crazy House,
improvisational collage
and embroidery by
Jennifer Gould

Stars Mending the Universe,
wipe-up cotton cloth with
textile paint, embroidered;
by Jennifer Gould 2014

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