Monday, March 11, 2013

Silk Scarves: Discharge, Arashi Shibori, and Painting/Printing

Purchased black scarves discharged in Thiox; my brown
dyed scarves discharged in Thiox.  Makes for wild
and unexpectedly serendipitous designs!
At one point I thought that dyeing and painting silk scarves would be another way for me to sell my fabrics and accessorize the world.  Unfortunately, I don't think I work well in that format, or I just haven't tried long enough.  Because I love discharge work, I think my favorites of all the ones I've done are the arashi shibori (pole-wrapped).  I purchased black dyed pre-hemmed silk scarves from Dharma Trading and, using a hot Thiox bath, kept the PVC pole-wrapped scarves in the hot liquid until enough color had discharged (sometimes 15 mins.).  As I remember, I think they had to be dipped into a vinegar-water solution afterwards to neutralize the Thiox.
Procion MX dyed silk scarves;
printed with Lumiere paint
Indigo dyed silk charmeuse
scarf with drawn leaves.

I also, of course, indigo dyed many scarves and then did rubbings and stenciled images with thickened dye, as well as scrunch dyed some and then printed metallic (Lumiere) dots on the ends.