Monday, March 11, 2013

Jude Townsend: My Friend out West!

Jude Townsend (on right) in June 2011 with me at YT Galleria, Grand Rapids,
(where I show my work; some of my pieces on the wall behind us).
I've known Jude Townsend since the 1980s when we were a part of an artists' co-op in Saugatuck (Michigan).  At that time she did fused glass.  Then she took one of my dollmaking workshops (the first one I did, I think!) and she's been working with textiles ever since.  I"m so glad I influenced her in that direction because she's needed the comtemplative work of beading and embroidery on fabric.  She's translated her grandsons' artwork into a wonderful small poetic series.  Always a thoroughly classy and artsy lady, I'm so glad she's been able to visit since she and her husband moved out to Idaho (and soon to be in Arizona).  

Jude describes her work:  "I learned from artist Susan Shie many years ago how to tell a story on cloth. Two years ago my daughter had brain surgery. Her sons each drew a picture of their Mother on cloth and I quilted them, added beading and framed them. This year I began a separate collage of her brain surgery journey beginning with her being in the hospital with two little boys curled up next to her. It's beaded and has the story written on separate pieces of cloth around the picture. I've just begun the next frame of her head and stitches. Sounds awful but I like the way it's looking. There will have to be some material changes so I'll wait to show that and the next frames. I'm a beader and painter also, and enjoy doing figures in beads, paint and cloth."  She'll be adding pictures of some of this soon.

I'm looking forward to her next visit!

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