Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Byron Center High School, Gainey Gallery Exhibit 2012, Part 2

Pisces Woman 17 Holding Striped Lavender Fish, detail
"Pisces Woman 17 Holding
Striped Lavender Fish"
Pisces Woman 15, detail
"Pisces Woman 15:
Adoration of the Fish"
"White Womens' Obsessions:
Gothic Metal and The Elastic Diet"
I've been working on the Square Headed Women series for a long time and, as in the previous post (Part 1), I showed the Project Runway trio that I did for an upcycle exhibit theme.  The Gothic Woman and Elastic Woman are another pair of upcycled pieces I put in the Byron Center HS exhibit.  The very old snaps and hooks 'n eyes as piercings and old pink rayon elastic reminded me of white womens' obsessions and so became these two.

I also showed a few of my tall, freestanding pieces, especially the Pisces Women that I had at the time:  "Pisces Woman 15: Adoration of the Fish" and "Pisces Woman 17 Holding Striped Lavender Fish."  Cindi Ford, the gallery curator, put a closeup image of Pisces Woman 17 on a picture cake that was yummy (chocolate cake with custard filling--yum yum).  (Pisces Woman 17 now lives out in California with Pisces Woman 18---see them both on my website at either on the home page for Jan/Feb. 2013 Celebration exhibit or under Previous Shows.)