Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Glamour Girls!

I developed Glamour Girls long ago to be poseable and able to wear big hats and fun jewelry like pendants and brooches.  Originally they had a top and a gathered skirt with boots and, of course, the big hat.  I remember vividly at one show a woman picked up the skirt and looked underneath---I was horrified!  How gauche!  So, I started putting lace underwear on them.  I was also, of course, making Button Jesters who had leotard-type pants and so I thought it a fun fashion statement to put stretch leotards on the Glamour Girls with a sheer see-through skirt.  I've also done a longish straight tunic with slits up the sides, leotards (of course).  The garment looks somewhat like a kimono or Asian tunic.  I'm using more handprinted fabric for the garments now as you can see in the bright pink/green doll with the rose pin.  There are many different styles possible and you can view the pattern to purchase (and others) at www.JenniferGouldDesigns.com and click on Doll Patterns.

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