Saturday, March 9, 2013

Discharge to Doll: Swatch Exchange

Kona Crimson cotton discharged with hot
Thiox, sprayed with bleach, Jacquard paste
dots; blue stripes are ProChem textile paint.
This piece later appeared in
Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.
Black Kona cotton discharged with bleach;
dots were made with Jacquard paste.
"Fern Woman" with Jeannie Palmer
Moore's fabric
In the spring of 2011, I participated in a fabric swatch exchange through Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.  We had to send eight 9"x9" fabric pieces.  I decided to send two different sets of fabrics since I had so much from my discharge experiments the summer of 2010.  I, in turn, received wonderful fabric in the mail about two or three months later, one of which was from Jeannie Palmer Moore in California, a quilter, dyer and surface design artist of incredible talent.  Her cotton twill was dyed in subtle sage, olive and browns using a shibori technique (whipped stitch to create a line that looks like fish skeleton, called ori-nui).  Her piece was so beautiful that I put it in a doll for a show the next year (which she later purchased!).