Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Christmas Ornament Leaves

It seems odd to be posting my Christmas ornaments from 2011 now but since I'm making up for lost time in the last 2 years, that's the point I'm at, even on the day before Spring!  (Well, we are having a blizzard outside with temps in the 20s so it does seem appropriate in a way.)

I show my work at YT Galleria (966 Cherry St., SE, Grand Rapids MI 49506; 616-451-8817). In the summer of 2011, Susan Walborn asked the galleria artists to develop unique ornaments for Christmas.  She gave me these wonderful huge sheets of handmade paper they'd bought years before in Ann Arbor and so I came up with the white leaves (Japanese paper with tan fibers running through it), gold machine stitched veining and gold balls; sage green leaves (embossed paper in many different leaf shapes), red stitched veining with red berries; and pink/red printed beech leaves with green machine stitched veining, gold balls and sheer iridescent green ribbon.  Lots of fun to make and even prettier when hanging on my evergreen trees outside.