Saturday, March 9, 2013

Embroideries at Terryberry Gallery, May-June 2011

"River of Dreams"
Various fabrics, machine stitched
"Wild Flowers in the Rain"
Hand printed cotton, hand and freeform machine
embroidered, beaded.
"Little Crazy"
Various fabric hand stitched
"View of the Land from on High"
Handprinted knit fabric, freeform
machine embroidery
"Une Petite Rien"
Textile paint on
paper towel,
"Blue Rain and Storm Clouds"
Hand dyed and printed rayon,
  In a previous post on 4/28/11, I announced the show at St. Cecilia's Music Center's Terryberry Gallery with painter and hug hooker Ann Willey.  I didn't show any of the embroideries that actually took up most of my portion of the exhibit. 

I've done fabric collage and embroidery (both hand and machine stitching) for a long time and a 5-day Split Rock Arts workshop at the University of Minnesota/St. Paul during the summer of 2005 projected me into more work with hand printed fabric and hand embroidery.  Ilze Avicks was the embroider/instructor and, if you follow contemporary embroidery, I'm sure you've seen her glorious work in either FiberArts, Surface Design Journal, or exhibits of contemporary textiles such as the current exhibit at the Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, Michigan (hurry, it ends on March 17).

In the "Close at Hand" show, I included both collaged and embroidered pieces as well as hand printed monotypes, stamped, stenciled, photo transferred incorporating embroidery and some beading. All of these were on fabric, but I did include on on paper towel entitled "Une Petite Rien" (a little nothing).  I continue to include embroidery in my dolls but usually not combining the hand and the freeform machine.  Often I pull out a printed piece of fabric in the evening when I'm cuddling my cats and watching a movie (or they're walking on my lap for nap) and attempt to do some embroidery.  It is the slowest but most meditative and comtemplative of work. I love that part.  So someday I'll attempt another show of embroidered pieces. Check out my website at