Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Postcard from Japan: Wednesday October 26, 2016, Part Two

Inside the front door of Nui-Ya
After visiting Yamauchi-sensui in the morning and having lunch, we go to his family's store Nui-Ya which sells his work but also has shibori-stitched, indigo-dyed and other fabric techniques from around the world, especially Africa.
Nui-Ya store sign
A huge indigo-dyed  tritik-stitched piece hangs directly across the room from the front door and is the first piece I notice.  Close up it's even better with beautiful workmanship and excellent dyeing.  (Tritik is a whip stitch technique from West Africa.)
Indigo-dyed, tritik-stitched piece from West Africa.
Many other fabrics are displayed, including itajime, clamp-resisted pieces, as well as shibori-stitched and Yamauchi-sensei's katazome pieces.

Top section's round white designs are kumo shibori-
stitched.  Bottom section is tritik.
Itajime, clamp-resist, hangings
A table runner in arabesque design by Yamauchi Takeshi-sensei
is what I decide to purchase.
After much deliberation, I decided to buy one of Yamauchi-sensei's katazone and indigo-dyed table runners on linen in an arabesque pattern.

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