Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Postcard from Japan: Thursday, October 27, 2016, Part One

We're back in Shizuoka at Hara Akiko-san's Pop Up Studio.  It's a big open space that I've really enjoyed staying in.  Here are images of the big room, as well as the bathroom (an experience in itself), and the cupboard with it's huge open shelves.  Because this is her studio most of the time, there's a great island-kitchen area with the cupboards behind.
Entrance to bathroom

Inside the bathroom.  Toilet is at the end
just behind the counter.
The front of the studio/gallery space features
huge sliding door-windows.  Even the
front door is huge.  Of course, everyone
would leave their shoes in the lowered
area where the chair is.
I love the high open cupboards in which you can lean into in order to fetch items all the way from the back.

When she has a show, all the tables are taken down, flattened, and put in another room, leaving a huge open area for display.

I forgot to mention about the sinks.  They're huge, almost 36" long and maybe 18" wide.  I must be creating my dream house....

I love the huge sinks here in Japan.  Very long, almost 36"
and maybe almost 18" wide.  I was at a store like Home
Depot with Hara-san so the sink picture has labels... I
haven't seem a home sink with the recess at the back but
they all have big drains with a synthetic mesh cover.  The
faucet is usually a lot longer and comes out far over the
middle of the sink.  Maybe you can see it in the image
above of Hara-san's Pop Up Studio kitchen area.

A ceramic dish on one of the shelves.

I love the cupboard doors that slide effortlessly
from the top runway.
Shelves can be lowered or raised easily.

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