Monday, November 7, 2016

Postcard from Japan: Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My mother-in-law, Akiko Suwa Traylor, at 94 years young.

Eggs with orange yolks
Today is my mother-in-law's 94th birthday.  I had expected a party or celebration from her friends but it was a very quiet day.  She was so happy to not have had lots of visitors or phone calls so we stayed at home and enjoyed our own company.  We also had the food that her friends and I had brought days before!  She loves chocolate and I had bought a couple of bars of her favorite (Rummy, with rum-soaked raisins, and Bacchus, that has cognac in it).  I didn't get to go out a buy a card, which was just fine with Mama-san....

The only other photo I took today was one of the egg yolks which I had just noticed were orange.  Mama-san considers these brown shelled eggs to be the best eggs available.

Tokyo mayor, Koike Yuriko-san
We also watched television:  all the latest on the US presidential campaign, baseball (called yaku here) and the latest game highlights, the Tokyo mayor (a woman) talking about plans for the upcoming Olympics in 2020, and a police drama.  There seem to only be 3-4 channels that my mother-in-law gets (not sure about cable or if it's direct from an antenna as it used to be) but she loves changing channels constantly.

Halloween center piece
One of her friends had brought over a Halloween center piece for her birthday, another had cookies delivered, and her friend Forde Sakuoka brought over preserved roses and a beautiful pop-out flower birthday card.

At the end of the day I asked her if she felt 94 years old or different than she did the day before.  She said that after 90, it all seemed the same!
Pop-out cards are very popular here.

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