Monday, October 17, 2016

Postcard from Japan: Part 3, Monday, October 17, 2016

Menu posted on the wall of different types of
ramen noodle dishes.

And then we were hungry!  It was difficult to find a restaurant since every store was fabric so we walked for another block and the first restaurant was ramen-ya (shop) and we walked in.

There are always a lot of different things put on top of the noodles and broth and that's what you choose.  Chashu (Chinese marinated pork) was the only thing I could think of that I'd had in the past and like a lot.  Mariko-san ordered something else.  When the bowls arrived, Mariko-san took out the two pieces of chashu in her bowl and immediately put them into my bowl--- she doesn't like meat.  I've never had such tender and huge pieces of chashu before--- and so much.  My bowl alone could have fed at least two if not three people (maybe two men and three women).  I felt embarrassed to leave so much food behind and we both apologized to the waitress and cook.  It was so wonderfully delicious with spinach and chopped scallions top.

By the way, the pink spiralled white ovals are kamaboko, compressed fish left over from processing white fish.  In the US, it's called fake crabmeat.  To me, it's not fake anything, it's real kamaboko!

I wasn't hungry last night for dinner at all.

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