Monday, October 17, 2016

Postcard from Japan: Monday, Oct. 17, 2016 - Part One

Did I mention about the manhole covers?  These are a thing of beauty.  Every single cover on the roads has a fascinating and creative shape--- perfect for rubbings and quilt series.  (Even on my last trip in 2005, the women I met said that there were already quilt series done on the many varieties of manhole covers.  Often, each area or city section and each utility will have its own unique design.

Today on the walk to the Narimasu Station, I was intrigued with the parking "garage" that elevated the cars into a grid.  In a country of very little extra space, this is often a necessity.

Mihashi Restaurant which specializes in
sweet red bean paste desserts of anmitsu.
Anmitsu desserts
Mariko took me to her favorite dessert restaurant in the basement of Tobu Department Store:  Mihashi.  It's specialty is anmitsu, a sweet red bean paste.  The bowl of anmitsu is combined with many possibilities.  The one she chose for us has vanilla ice cream, mochi (glutinous pounded rice cakes), and kanten squares (clear gelatin made from seaweed).  I never used to like anmitsu but I do now!  Next time I want to get the one with the green tea ice.

The basement of Tobu Department store has many restaurants and food counters.  This restaurant features Japanese-style curried rice.  I love the plastic display display in the window that serves as an initial menu for customers.

I love the young women who greet you at the front of the store, answer questions and graciously pose for pictures.  Part 2 tomorrow on today's events!
Tobu Department Store's greeters.
A restaurant featuring curried rice.  The
display is plastic samples of the menu.