Thursday, April 18, 2013

YT Galleria: My Annual Show

Man in Blue Jeans
and Leaf Tie
Man in Flowers and
Animal Spots
Business Man in Leaves
and Button Down Shirt
As my final post making up for events in the last two years that I hadn't posted, my annual show at YT Galleria in Grand Rapids is the culmination of the year.  I've been showing my work there since 2009 beginning with two annual shows with painter Ann Willey ( whose work I love.  We even had a joint show at St. Cecilia's Music Center's Terryberry Gallery in 2011 which included her rug hooked pieces and paintings as well as my dolls and embroideries.

My 2012 show at YT Galleria (966 Cherry St., SE, Grand Rapids MI 49506; 616-451-8817) continued the "Leaves of Change" theme with many of the dolls that had returned from my Melbourne show, as well as the Wisteria Women (below).  But the fun additions to the line-up this time were the three Square Headed MEN.

On the scene currently, a "Made in Michigan" event will take place at the Galleria on Sat., April 27, 2013 and will include myself (from noon to 4pm) and a lot of the artists that show at the Galleria.  Hope to see you there.
Purple Woman in
Wisteria Blooms
Woman in
Wisteria Leaves
& Blooms


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