Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Summer Flowers

Cosmos are my favorite flower.  My bouquets are usually small and I
have a huge collection of all kinds of little jars to accommodate
both stemmed flowers as well as buds or flowers that need
to just sit in a little water.
Split Second Morning Glories: My most
wonderful "experiment" this past summer.  I
don't know why the strange name---it should
be peony morning glory but it truly lovely,
easy to grow and so delightful with its fluffy
pink petals (and the seeds are creamy white).
Remember 4 O'Clocks? They're Mirabilis and, although they
only open in the evening through early morning, are easy to
grow and reseed (or easily collected) easily.
Castor Bean plant with its flowers. They love
the heat and grew 10' tall during the sweltering
summer of 2012 creating immense shade. I
used them to deter the moles which worked but
created shade in my front garden which I didn't
want.  So this summer they go in the backyard!
Castor Bean plants among Cosmos
Bright Lights in oranges and yellows
Being in my garden in the summer is an important part of my life.  Just being outside in the fresh air with the sky, clouds, birds flying about, becomes a lifestyle for me during the summer.  I take all of my fabric paints and tools out to my garage, set them up on banquet tables, and work all summer long with the garage door open so the world is there for me to walk out into at a moments notice.

Gaillardia (Blanket Flower)