Monday, April 8, 2013

MLH Biennial Fiber Show, 2012

"Markings: Breeze" by Jill Ault; painted silk organza
"Markings: Breeze" Detail by Jill Ault; painted silk organza
Margaret Jager's hand spun wool blanket
Forest Woman in
Maple Leaves
Last year during the spring, the Michigan League of Handweavers (MLH) had its 17th biennial fiber show at the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson, Michigan.  This juried show of members' works takes place in different locations around Michigan with the 2014 exhibit taking place May 17-June 28 at the Holland Area Arts Council in downtown Holland, Michigan.  

I was able to get three of my Square Headed Women in the leaf theme in the show.  My favorite piece was Jill Ault's painted silk organza hanging, a glorioulsy delicate work that probably should be viewed from both sides.  Also, Margaret Jager's grid patterned handspun wool blanket made on a small loom and the pieces assembled into the large blanket.

Check out information about MLH and its upcoming conference in August at
Forest Woman in
Catalpa Leaf
Forest Woman
in Beech Leaves

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