Saturday, April 29, 2017

New Pattern: Square Body Lady!

Square Body Lady
by Jennifer Gould
2" x 7", handwoven overshot
in cotton, cotton knit, UltraSuede
buttons, beads

This whimsical doll features a square-ish body from specialty fabric (such as a textured handwoven), head and appendages from fabric tubes, and a BIG button for the hat.  The face is usually a square of UltraSuede and the feet and hands either buttons or beads.  She’s silly, comical and cute, and is all of us women over 50 when we begin to feel like we have to work extra hard at keeping our figures intact.  

Square Body Lady
by Jennifer Gould
3" x 11", handwoven, cotton strip
weaving, cotton and synthetic knits,
UltraSuede, buttons
This is a very easy doll to make.  I created her so that I could feature my collection of handwoven fabrics from friends, especially those of Chicago textile artist, Jean Pluta.  

Check out this pattern and others available on my website at Jennifer's Doll Patterns.


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