Saturday, February 4, 2017

Celebration of the Arts 2017: Update

Pisces Woman 23:
Blue Anemone
My previous post showed the two fabric collage pieces I had finished for the First United Methodist Church's "The Celebration of the Arts."  Well, when it actually got to submitting them for jurying, I changed my mind and put in "Pisces Woman 23: Blue Anemone" and "Woman in a Cold Winter."
Woman in a Cold Winter

My friend and textile artist, Dolores Slowinski, didn't think that my two fabric collages were my best work.... I like them a lot, especially the first one with the black and white and gray areas that reminded me of dark snow clouds and all the blue.  But a comment from a friend of hers about my Water Series (he loved the fact that the pieces were not square or rectangular, but asymmetrical) made me realize that THAT was what I had forgotten and wanted to do more of.  So I'm going to go back and possibly rework them to make them have some edges that push the frame.

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