Thursday, December 18, 2014

Glue Gun Stencils!

Glue gun stencils have become my favorite thing to make, taking only minutes and giving a whizzy (new word?), quirky look.  This idea is thanks to Traci Bautista and her newest book, "Printmaking Unleashed" published in 2014 by North Light Books.  I must admit that I love her work and her books (previous fav is "Collage Unleashed").  Just as long as you make sure that all the lines are connected to another, they stay together and easily come off of parchment paper (Teflon sheet can be used also).  The biggest one, the stripes, is 18" long and 12" tall so even big ones work.  I didn't bother to flatten out most of them because the glue had already become firm (the glue is flat on the bottom but rounded on top), but if this is a problem, I'm sure I can wave a heat gun over the top to soften the glue and put a plexiglass sheet on top and press it down.  Now to the actually using them as stencils!