Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Chorus of Angels

9" tall angel with leaves.
Small, 6" T angel.
Small, 6" tall angels.
Tall 9" T angel.

Having to work on holiday pieces for shows before it's even Halloween is difficult for me, so I decided to do small dolls.  Long ago I created what I called "Standing Angels" and I went back to those for these shows.  I've had a lot of fun mixing and putting together all kinds of  fun fabrics with big 3-D stars, hearts, and other 3-D pillow forms (leaves, baubles).

My friend, Lin Dahl, out in California asked me to make the little 6" tall angels for her so she could put them on her Christmas tree.  What a great idea it was so I've continued to do a variety of heights, just like all the various sizes of people in the world.

I usually do mostly gold with angels but I often remember that there are those who love silver.  Long ago I did commissioned Santa dolls for a woman in Salem, Massachusetts, who collected Santas.  These she wanted in royal blue and silver.  I was amazed at how lovely the combination is (those two Santas were wonderful! but unfortunately I took no photos of them...).

When I finally took pictures, I lined them all up on a bookcase, and they really look like a huge chorus singing.  So, when you get to December, enjoy the holidays!

The early angels.