Sunday, September 28, 2014

WILD GLAMOUR: Annual Show at YT Galleria

Glamour Girl in Black Tube Hat

My annual show opens at YT Galleria on Thurs., Oct. 2, with a reception from 4-8pm.  There's usually wonderful food and the galleria also has wonderful clothing, new abstract paintings by Carol Johnson I'm entranced with.  I decided on Wild Glamour as a title because I wanted to do more Glamour Girls that were beyond the styles I had tried, especially more with grass hair.  I still have more to experiment with, but there are also more Pisces Women, and the unusual Green Woman and Woman Enveloped in Ferns that were produced in the midst of the coldest months of last winter.  YT Galleria is in the East Hills section of Grand Rapids at 966 Cherry St., GR 49506; 616-451-8817; with lots of restaurants.  Hope to see you there for the reception!
Pisces Woman 22 with
Purple Spotted Fish