Monday, December 9, 2013

Deconstructed Screen Printing, Part 2

One of my favorite images:  a snowflake or crystal.  The small screen
was prepainted with acrylic paint as a permanent resist, then painted
with Intense Blue dye.  This pale olive knit was first arashi shibori
resisted and dyed in indigo, then DSP'd for a deeper,
more complex image.
Continuing on with my first post on DSP, I printed so much fabric (all knits) and became so excited with the results.  Here are more images with descriptions of the process(es) in the captions. Near the bottom you'll see some images are the screen before printing with the resulting fabric.  Wish I'd remembered to photograph more screens! ---next time since, of course, I have more painted screens to be printed.
Black dots printed on fine turquoise striped knit
which had previously been dyed in indigo
using a knotted technique.

A fine purple striped knit printed with dark
blue stripes and dots.
Printed fabric.
Screen simply painted
with Fuschia
and Strong Orange.
Printed fabric
Screen has a permanent resist
of leaves painted with acrylic
paint, then painted with Intense
Blue and Strong Orange dye.