Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Great Day in East Lansing

Thank you all so much for visiting me at my booth last weekend. 
Though the weather was hot all weekend, it was a wonderful
time to meet you and get to talk with you.

I'll be sending out emails soon about classes here at my
house, especially those that take place in my garage and
involve having fun with textile paints (jacket workshop,
printing and painting fabric) and discharge dyeing
(purposely removing color from fabric in patterns, often
using Japanese shibori/tie-dye techniques).  Please check my
CLASSES section on my website (link below) to see all the
different classes that are available.

Let me know what class you're interested in taking and what
day of the week/month you're available.  That's right---you
tell me when you want to take the class and then I work to
find other students (unless you're bringing friends with you
and the class is filled) and the right day of the week.  

Take care and look forward to seeing you, again.  Happy
Spring into Summer!