Sunday, August 1, 2010

Taking the Color Out--What Fun!

I started years ago with the oddly named technique of "discharge" dyeing (people think it's effluent or something horrible...) but really it's one of the most exciting ways to create pattern.  When you're standing in front of your washing machine and accidently realize that your black T-shirt or blouse has a white spot on it from the bleach you were pouring out---"Wow or ouch" as the case may be, but that's discharge dyeing--TAKING THE COLOR OUT!

I began with Kona cotton fabric which almost every fabric store sells.  They come in a huge variety of colors and almost every one of the colors discharges.  I also used black silk scarves to create a wild striped pattern using a polewrapping technique from Japanese shibori called arashi.   I use bleach, Thiox and Jacquard's Discharge Paste to create these patterns.  I also have Formosul to try but haven't gotten the courage yet since it has formaldehyde in it.  Classes on this technique of discharge dyeing are always fun and serendipitous since exact results can never be expected, just amazing pattern and color variations.

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